ANITA's primary goal is twofold: a) To boost the LEA's investigation process and to significantly increase their operational capabilities, by introducing a set of innovative tools for efficiently addressing online illegal trafficking challenges (namely online data source analysis, blockchain analysis, Big Data analytics, knowledge modelling, incorporation of human cognitive function in the analysis pipelines, user-oriented intelligence applications), and b) To significantly facilitate the novice officers training process and to optimize the learning curve (by collecting, integrating and re-using knowledge from multiple expert officers and through the development of a recommendation functionality to transfer the acquired 'know-how' to the new officers).

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MAGNETO will revolutionize the capacity of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to deal with extreme volumes and diversity of data in order to accomplish highly-efficient crime prevention and investigation.  The technologies and solutions developed by MAGNETO will permit LEAs to consistently process massive heterogeneous data in a more efficient manner, effectively enabling their transformation into solid and court-proof evidence.

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PROPHETS (Preventing Radicalisation Online through the Proliferation of Harmonised Toolkits) aims to counter online radicalisation, cybercrime, and cyberterrorism at their origins.

Behavioural radicalisation can be seen as a driving force behind online criminal activities. PROPHETS seeks to identify, examine, and understand the various behavioural processes underlying such behaviour in order to recognize and comprehend the individual reasoning behind choosing to engage in such activities.

Through the findings of this project, PROPHETS is developing new methods to detect, analyse, investigate, and fight the ever-emerging threats of online radicalisation, cybercrime, and cyberterrorism by addressing the very factors causing them.

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PROTON is an innovative approach for a better understanding of the recruitment mechanisms in criminal and terrorist organisations. By combining social analyses with technological and computational sciences, the project aims at improving current prevention policies, as well as providing guidelines for policy makers and disparate end-users on a local, national and international scale. The ultimate goal is to tackle organised crime, terrorism and cybercrime through a reduction of their growth opportunities.

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The vision of RED-Alert project is to develop a real-time system able to facilitate the timely identification of terrorism related content by summarizing data from social media.

To fight the war against terror, LEAs are increasingly relying on social media intelligence, a new field of intelligence covering a wide range of applications, techniques and capabilities analyzing social media data.

Addressing the needs and challenges, RED-Alert solution will cover a wide range of social media channels, in particular new channels such as Telegram and Periscope, which are increasingly used by terrorist groups to disseminate their content. The RED-Alert solution will allow LEAs to take coordinated action in real-time while preserving the privacy of citizens.

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Video material collected and analysed by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) has become a critical component in legal investigations following major criminal acts and terrorist attacks. At the same time, the amount of video data available is continuously increasing.

In spite of this growth, the whole video investigation work is still mostly carried out manually by the LEA officers. These current practices are too resource intensive to handle the huge and steadily increasing volume of videos that need to be analysed. Consequently, post-event extraction of vital first clues from videos meet unreasonable delays.

In view of the needs , VICTORIA aims at creating a real breakthrough regarding functionality and usability of video analysis tools used for legal investigations.

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