CONNEXIONs addresses a number of multidisciplinary Research & Innovation Objectives, Technological Objectives, User Oriented Objectives & Impact Making Objectives.

  • Information extraction from multilingual and multimedia content
  • IoT data propagation and analytics
  • Multimodal information integration and retrieval
  • Multimodal information correlation and delivery
  • Immersive environments for improving situational awareness and investigation capabilities
  • Operation command (OpCom) centre for real-time management 
  • System development and integration 
  • User requirements definition, field demonstrations, end-user evaluation and training
  • Legal and ethical framework and societal impact
  • Exploitation and sustainability
  • Dissemination and collaboration

CONNEXIONs aims to improve the capabilities of officers across the board by encompassing the entire lifecycle of law enforcement operations.

Expected Benefits

  • Provision of better tools tailored to the needs of LEA officers to support them in their daily work.
  • Prevention of more terroris endeavours.
  • Better identification and understanding of criminal and terrorist activities.
  • Improved investigation and training capabilities.
  • Rapid crime solving to reduce: societal distress, investigative costs, impact on victims / relatives.

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Project Information

Project Acronym: CONNEXIONs
Project Number: 786731
Call Topic: SEC-12-FCT-2017
Project Start Date: 01 September 2018
Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: Itay Koren
Organisation: Motorola Solutions Israel

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