The Study Department Police is located in Fürstenfeldbruck and in Sulzbach Rosenberg. Now there are about 800 students at the campus. It trains the students for the career of the professional and executive level of the Police Enforcement Service (Police Force / Constabulary or Criminal Investigation Police Department). Because of a later possible change from the police service in uniform to the service within the criminal investigation department and vice versa, there are no special fields of subjects installed at the Study Department.

The University of Applied Sciences for public service in Bavaria – Department of Policing (BayHfoeD) is teaching future higher ranked police officers several subjects as follows:
1. Subject Section: Law / Jurisprudence
Law of Intervention, National – and Constitutional law, Criminal law and law of Summary Offence, Civil law, Traffic law, Law of Secondary Punishment, General law of Public Administration, Law of the Public Service, Law of Proceedings, Budget law
2. Subject Section: Police Management
Criminalistics, Criminal Information– and Communication Techniques, Criminology, Operation Theory/ Teaching, Traffic Management on tactical and strategic levels, Police Operations including e.g. crisis management, crowd management, Methodology of Leadership, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science(s) / Contemporary History, Communications and Conflict Management, Professional Ethics, Police Information- and Communication Techniques

The BayHfoeD is also holding a strong contact to the Ministry of the Interior and the police stations in Bavaria to keep the knowledge actual and to serve the needs of the members of the police officers and the citizens. Besides the later described European projects the BayHfoeD has supported the police academy in Bulgaria within an Erasmus project, a partnership with the police academy in Bucharest, Romania and a partnership with the police academy in Prague, Czech Republic. A further partnership is going to be developed with the University for Policing in Poland.

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